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CDandLP: A year of travels to meet you!

«I love Utrecht in the springtime, I love Utrecht in the fall...»

2018 was an important year for us. Even if we've been familiar with the market of vinyl records for several years now, we had to take stock and assess what everyone talks about. Therefore, we decided to hit the road and go to meet you Buyers and Sellers. Re-connecting, weaving links, exchanging, discussing, explaining, understanding... this has been our ambition all along this year.

We did a whole Tour de France: St Etienne, Lyon, Paris, Auvers, Marseille, Bordeaux, Gerzat, and at the end of November, we'll be attending our last record fair of the year, in Nantes. We also went further up north : Mons, Belgium and even famous Utrecht, in the Netherlands. What an adventure to tour the record fairs. We met knowledgeable, enthusiastic, funny, eccentric people but always great people.

We felt like understanding and listening to what you had to tell us. You commented on what we do well, and what we should improve. We heard different things that led us to give you more information about us and be more detailed about what's true or not here at CDandLP.

We also heard some comments such as:

CDandLP? Oh I used to go to your website quite often, but I no longer go… :(
Well we only have one thing to tell you : Baby Come Back !

CDandLP? Ahem... never heard of it!
Ouch... but isn't that a real challenge, almost like a conquest:

So when we hear:
CDandLP ? Waow, I love what you do!
We shout loud and proud I feel good !

Or we jump around because we are Happy !

Now, having gathered all your comments, ideas and suggestions, it is time for us to focus on the new projects we have for the website. Because we have a lot in our mind, we will stop attending record fairs for a while in 2019 - or almost stop... About the new things, you will be informed shortly. In the meantime, take care and remember: it's a good day!

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CD and LP est un des sites de vente de disques les plus sérieux et les plus sûrs que j'ai pu expérimenter. L' équipe est très PRO et c'est un gage de qualité et d' assurance autant pour les vendeurs que pour les acheteurs. Bonne communication, réactions et recherches de solutions rapides et justes.

Bravo pour votre travail depuis toutes ces années... Longue vie à CD and LP !!!!


bonjour c est tres bon cite cd and lp.
oui il y a gros à faire en comm externe : quand je faisais encore des conventions en province (trop chères) je vous citais comme réf pour établir les prix, j'ai souvent entendu "connais pas" par des amateurs de vinyles ; bon courage pour faire connaitre la plateforme !
CDandlp, keep the flames burning!!!
cdandlp . site excellent. je recommande vivement. alexis RENEAUT
tres beau i feel good de temps en temps je l entend de la voix de vigon :)

vraiment un bon choix le cdandlp

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