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aliotta haynes jeremiah  -  Aliotta haynes jeremiah

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  • Format : Vinyl LP Gatefold Gatefold

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  • Cover condition : VG (?)
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  • Label : Ampex
  • Pressing : A 10118 - US
  • Year : 1970
  • Comment : gatefold sleeve, small seam split along top edge The Chicago based Aliotta Hay ... See below

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Seller's comment :
gatefold sleeve, small seam split along top edge

The Chicago based Aliotta Haynes survived long enough to release a1970 album before personnel changes saw them regroup as Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah.

Produced by Vinny Testa, "Aliotta - Haynes - Jeremiah" showcased the talents of singer/guitarist Mitch Aliota, singer/bassist Skip Haynes, keyboardist John Jeremiah, and drummer Ron Zitto. While Zito wasn't shown on the album cover, he was given equally performance credits in the album liner notes. Musically the album didn't mark a major change in musical direction from their earlier incarnation. Featuring a collection of largely original material, the emphasis was divided between country-rock ('Tomorrow's Another Day') and bluesier performances ('Poppa Song'). Haynes wrote most of the eight tracks and handled most of the lead vocals. He had a likeable voice, but the group's real strengths came in the form of their wonderful harmony vocals. Personally, I found the band at their best when they focused on a more rock oriented sound - the opening Dylan/Leadb Belly medley 'Long Time Gone / When I was a Cowbo' and 'Brother's Keeper'. Not what I was expecting to hear from a Chicago band, but should appeal to folks who enjoy Firefall, Graham Parsons, Poco, etc..

"Aliotta - Haynes - Jeremiah" track listing:
(side 1)
1.) Long Time Gone / When I was a Cowboy (Bob Dylan / Huddie Leadbetter) - 5:49 rating: **** stars
On the surface, stitching together Dylan and Lead Belly tunes didn't strike me as a particularly smart move, but I have to admit the results were far better than I envisioned. Sent to a bouncy country-rock melody (thanks to drummer Ron Zito, more rock than country), the song showcased the group's nice vocal harmonies. I also loved Jeremiah's barrelhouse piano solos.
2.) Poppa Song (Mitch Aliotta - Skip Haynes - John Jeremiah) - 5:28 rating: *** stars
'Poppa Song' was another country-rock tune, but this time around added a distinctive blues edge too the sound. Haynes handled lead vocals, but the song's strength came from thee trio's sweet harmony vocals.
3.) Leavin' Chicago A.M.F. (Skip Haynes)- 5:43 rating: *** stars
Too much country can quickly kill off a country-rock song, but on 'Leavin' Chicago A.M.F' they got the mix right. In fact, I'd argue this one was more of a blues number than country-rock. Great song to check out after a couple of cold beers.

(side 2)
1.) Tomorrow's Another Day (Skip Haynes) - 3:52 rating: *** stars
Haynes wrote it; handled lead vocals, and provided the lovely bass lines. Pretty, Poco-styled country-rock ballad. Easily the album's the most commercial track, it's easy to see why Ampex released it as a single:
- 1971's 'Tomorrow's Another Day' b/w 'One Night Stand' (Ampex catalog number X 11026)
2.) For Eddie (Skip Haynes) - 3:48 rating: *** stars
I had to look him up, but this pretty acoustic ballad was apparently inspired by the late Chicago poet/artist/piano player Ed Balahowsky. Interesting life.
3.) Brother's Keeper (Skip Haynes) - 3:16 rating: **** stars
Given its bouncy, rock-oriented melody, 'Brother's Keeper" was my choice for the album's standout performance. It certainly had the strangest and most disconcerting lyric ...
4.) With My Eyes Closed (Mitch Aliotta) - 2:23 rating: *** stars
Aliotta's sole composition, 'With My Eyes Closed' was another pretty, country-tinged ballad. It took a minute to acclimate to Aliotta's slightly ragged voice, and while it may not have been as immediately appealing as Haynes', it quickly grew on me.
5.) One-Night Stand (Skip Haynes) - 3:38 rating: ** stars
Ah, the downside of life as a rock star ... Surprised to learn the album closed out with a country ballad? Me either, though 'One Night Stand' was way too country-ish for my tastes.

Sadly, they're one of those bands with a high mortality rate in this case a 100% death toll.

Aliotta died in July 2015. Haynes died of cancer in October 2017. Jeremiah died in December 2011.

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