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Album of the month (04-2017)

For the blog, we decided to write a monthly post related to our record’s collection.

Of course we will go trough different styles to be close to any of your listenings.

For the first one, we took it easy and decided to write about a huge classic among the classics : The first album of the Velvet Underground you can find in our collection : 100 essential albums of the 60's.

The Velvet underground and Nico


This album is often considered as the best of the group. Let us know if you agree.
In 1967 Andy Warhol produced it with the condition his fetish Model Nico would participate to this album. She is in four songs, in the chorus of « Sunday Morning » which Lou Reed deep voice gives such a distinguishable identity to the track.
Then they both have a breve love affair. This is Rock and Roll !

Maybe too avant garde, this album was a commercial failure at that time. Nowadays this album is on of the cult albums ever.

The opus cover is as famous as the music itself. Andy Warhol signature's such as the banana could be peeled of and then turned to a new psychedelic color. For sure this helped to make the album the best seller he is today.

To sum up , we are talking about an excellent album, because of this peculiar band, the Lou Reed’s texts, the unexpected Nico’s voice. Of course, the first track « Sunday Morning » can be listened every day ! Enjoy.

J'aime à penser que l'album "White light, white heat" sonne comme le "vrai" Velvet. Cependant ce disque, le premier, de la pochette à la galette est une sommet de perversité.
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