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Win coupons for our 17th anniversary

We celebrate CDandLP’s anniversary in March. We always kind of hesitate with the year when CDandLP was really created. Sometimes we say 2001, sometimes 2002…

To make the long story short, Steven and Xavier started working on the project in 2000. They met sellers, explained their project, listened to the sellers ideas and launched a website with a modem that made this screeching noise, remember?
CDandLP started for good in 2001, with buyers who placed their first orders. But the registration of the company was legally declared a few months later in March 2002. It is this official date that we use for our anniversary and announcements.

This month, CDandLP is celebrating its 17 years!!!
We thank you all, for your loyalty (recent or longstanding) renewed over the years. We have a long and great future ahead of you and us...
Next month we'll present you something new that will please you all.

To celebrate this anniversary, we propose you the jigsaw puzzles that you had really enjoyed two years ago.

This is how it works. We have selected 4 albums. Each cover has been divided into 81 pieces (9x9). Every day, we’re going to disclose two pieces of the album for you to discover the image on the cover. Of course, the winner will be the first one to recognize the 4 albums.

We’ll offer you coupons. The first one to discover the 4 albums will get a €50 coupon. We will random draw 3 other winners within the correct answers. Each of them will win a €30 coupon.

All the other participants who found the correct answers will receive a coupon from CDandLP.

The four right answers must be contained together in one single comment.
Well done! Two albums have already been discovered.

Find out more about the game's rules here.

Good luck to everyone!

Image 1 :

Image 2 :

Image 3 :

Image 4 :

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Si vous ne voyez pas apparaitre votre commentaire, c'est qu'il contient les bonnes réponses!

For those of you who don't see your comment, it because you have the right answers :)

Les pièces s'ajoutent et la liste des gagnants grossit chaque jour!
Bravo à vous.
Vous avez jusqu'à la fin du mois pour tenter votre chance.
Les 4 bonnes réponses doivent être notées ici dans un seul et même commentaire.
Où note-t-on ses réponses svp ? Merci !
imagen 1 --Pink floyd
Images 3 Funkadelic - magot brain
pour l'instant n °2 Vanessa Paradis
Pour le fun vous auriez dû mettre la pochette d'Isaac Hayes To be continued !!!
good morning from Athens
Image 2 Vanessa Paradis/ Vanessa paradis 1992 (album de kravitz)
dommage j'ai crue que le 2 c'étais le lp de fatback le 82 mais le parquet ne correspond pas dommage.
photo 3 je dirais pink floyd the dark side of the moon
photo 4 je dirais michael jackson bad!!
il faudrait plus de puzzles car la c est vraiment tres hard !! lol
Vous écrivez vos réponses dans le commentaire.
Nous les modérons avant publication, ce qui nous permettra de connaitre le gagnant.
Bonne chance :)
Où note-t-on ses réponses svp ? Merci !

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