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CDandLP's 15th birthday: the answer to the Blind Test

Hi everyone! Today we're giving you the answers to the blind test!
All right, we had set the bar a bit too high… Next time it will be something more fun, with a thematic or specific artists!
Besides, we will play with tracks that you can find on our website. In short, it was only a start and we're going to adjust.

Anyways... thanks for your participation and your comments.

No one found the 10 selected titles. Some of you had the 1st song, some had the last ones but the songs in the middle remained obscure to the majority of you.

Here is the list in order:

1 : This one, some got it right: Electric Light Orchestra - overture - (First Album 1971)

2 : Agreed, this one was much more challenging: Corte dei Miracoli - onirica - (Dimensione Onirica 1974)

3 : Amon Düül – jericho – (Almost Alive 1977)

4 : Cheryl Dilcher – high – (Butterfly 1973)

5 : Chicken Bones – memories of dreams - (Hardrock in Concert 1976)

6 : Patrice Meyer – concombre – (Racines Croisées 1983)

7 : C'mon guys, this one you could get it, at least the band: Procol Harum - fires - (Grand Hotel 1973)

8 : The Strawbs – ciggy barlust – (Sampler 1969)

9 : This one made people talk... the correct answer was: The Yardbirds - dazed and confused - (Live Yardbirds 1968)

10 : Thunderclap Newman – something in the air – (Hollywood Dream 1969)

Next time we'll work up a new blind test with the team's favourite songs.
Wait and see!

Also coming soon is a new game that will thrill all Rock fans!

To conclude this post and as suggested by one of the players, let's enjoy ourselves with two hits. We give you: Sweet Alabama and Highway to Hell!

Enjoy and see you soon!
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