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Happy New Year 2019

The beginning of the year: no better time to review the past year and draw the roadmap and goals for the coming months.

If you have been curious over the past months, you will have read on the blog several articles about our various actions.

In 2018, we felt the need to get closer to you.
This is the reason why:
- We attended several record fairs and drove many miles ,
- We wrote articles about us to remind you that we are a tiny team and that everything one hears is not always true,
- We proposed you to take part in the preparation of our advent calendar, which shows the diversity of our buyers in terms of geographical location and music taste.

We went to meet you, we listened to you and we will be working on several projects that will see the light in the first quarter.

Shh… we want to keep it as a surprise! The only thing we can tell you is that this change will satisfy the demanding customers who seek absolute fluidity in their transactions on our site. So pay attention, the change is about to arrive.

Another huge project in under construction. It demands brainstorming. Sometimes we think we're almost there, sometimes we stagnate and get highly frustrated but we're not giving up and we'll continue the progress.

Of course there will be other improvements that we will process according to your needs or requests.

We will remain attentive to your needs and we will stick to the fundamentals that distinguish our platform.

Besides, we are convinced that:
- there is a real point for CDandLP to be present on the vinyl record market,
- you value our intermediary role,
- we still have work ahead of us,
- together, we will do something good.

Because you trust us, we are determined to make every effort to help you to buy or sell with CDandLP. We are willing to guide you in your purchase experience and to make our partnership continue for many years.

We wish you a happy new year 2019 !

Meilleurs vœux à toute l équipe
Meilleurs Voeux à toute l'équipe et longue vie à CdandLP
Tous nos vœux de bonheur et santé pour 2019 !!!!
Great Team and better people !!! as always very helpful !!! a great asset for CDandLP
Meilleurs voeux cd and lp, une équipe au top!
Meilleurs voeux 2019 à toute l'équipe réactive et sympa !
Muchas felicidades a todo el equipo de trabajo de, este año les deceo de todo corazón mucha salud para todos, bienestar, y éxitos en sus ideas y proyectos para el futuro. Mi agradecimiento especial a Helena y a Natalie, pues me han brindado mucha confianza y su apoyo incondicional. Gracias. Excelente equipo.
Bonne année !!!!
On dirait la lettre à Manu !!! Humour ( lol pour les jeunes )
Il faut consommer français, donc achetons et vendons " CDandLP "
Oui à Mondial Relay.
Oui aux nouveautés surprises à venir, continuez à vous creuser la tête et à nous écoutez.
Restez comme vous êtes.

Amitiés à toute l'équipe : Hélène, Nathalie, Keiko et Sébastien et spéciale dédicace à Isabelle et Xavier.

Merci ,bonne et heureuse année 2019 à toute l'équipe.
Meilleurs vœux à toute l équipe
Tous mes vœux à la team CD&LP
Meilleurs voeux pour 2019 à toute votre équipe, et longue vie à votre entreprise.
Un peu en retard!! :-D Très bonne année à toute l'équipe, que vous conserviez ce plaisir et le dynamisme de faire grandir ce site.
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