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« A trip to London changed my life, I was 16 back then and the Punk movement blew me away »

Sasham opens up and tells us all about his favourite tracks and musical background. He replies to our questions very sincerely and we discover a passionate seller.

Tell us more about you; what’s your role in the shop?
I handle everything by myself, from A to Z. I list my items, I scan all the record covers; for every record that I list, I upload 3 photos, whatever the price of the item. I also take care of shipping; all these tasks keep me always very busy!

How long have your been selling?
I have been selling as a professional seller since 2011, on other marketplaces. I only started on CD&LP in April 2017. I do not have a brick and mortar shop, but I regularly attend the record fairs that are organized around here (I live in Lyon), and sometimes I sell on flea markets or vintage fairs.
From time to time I also organize afternoon record fairs in some pubs. It works pretty well, ‘so far so good’ I must say.

What’s your musical background?
I am 54 and ever since I can remember, I have always loved music and more particularly vinyl records. I used to spend hours playing with my parents’ turntable. In fact, they had a record changer where you could pile up 7 inches records; I was fascinated. Maybe my passion for 7 inches comes from that time. Even now, I still collect more 7 inches than LPs.
Then in 1979, a trip to London changed my life, I was 16 back then and the Punk movement blew me away. It transformed me forever.
I was living in a Parisian suburb, so I started to explore little record shops, amongst them the famous New Rose shop. I would exclusively listen to Punk and New Wave music, Ramones, Clash, Sex Pistols, Starshooter, Metal Urbain, and so on… I used to attend a lot of concerts during the 80s. I discovered Parisians punk groups such as La Souris Déglinguée, Oberkampf. My life was 100% dedicated to Punk music… I was going to more and more concerts performed by the current groups like Bérurier Noir in their beginnings, the Wampas, the Witches Valley, Soucoupes Violentes, all the Parisian groups playing garage and rock music. I made friends with some of them. The moment I had money in my pocket, it would be spent in records and concerts. That’s when I started, from time to time, to sell second hand records in order to buy some new ones.
In the 90s, my passion for music focused more onto records. After being obsessed by Punk music and its variations (Psycho, New Wave and so on) I opened my ears to other music genres, like music from the 50s and 60s, rock&roll, soul, etc…
I became a real collector, digging for new gems as often as I could. I started to attend all the Parisian record fairs. I also started to spend a lot of money for records. From that moment, I decided to buy and sell records as a hobby. My collection in French music from the 60s grew bigger. In addition to the indispensable Jacques Dutronc, Nino Ferrer, Johnny, Ronnie Bird, France Gall or Françoise Hardy, I was also looking for obscure or forgotten singers like Pussy Cat, Jacqueline Taïeb, Stella, Clothilde, Cléo, le Bain Dinocn, Les Boots, Jean-Bernard de Libreville, Claude Channes and many more I forget to mention. Since I was willing to share my collection with music lovers, with the help of some friends, I published 3 best of albums with records from my collection (Swinging Mademoiselle), dedicated to French female singers from the 60s. I collaborated with the Label FGL for the publishing of their set of CDs called “Women of Paris” and “Gentlemen of Paris”. I also created one piece of the compilation “Girls In the Garage” published by an American record company. Now and then, I still publish some records, under my label « Sasham Disques », in cooperation with «Dangerhouse Skylab», the label of the shop I work for from time to time (“Dangerhouse” in Lyon).
I have no big professional ambition for my label, I keep it very amateurish, I publish some stuff when I have time, there is nothing planned, it is too much time consuming, I do it for pleasure only.
Otherwise, even if I sell records to make a living, it remains a passion. I am a DJ and I perform once or twice a month in Lyon. Recently I also started presenting a radio show.

Any story to tell us about your sales?
I have several but this one is a funny one. I was contacted once by the daughter of an obscure female singer from the 60s, Laurence St Alban, who only published a 7inch in 1968, very rare and rather expensive. I didn’t have this record for sale but I had it in my own collection. The girl was insisting to buy it; she wanted to offer it to her mum who didn’t actually had any copy of it. Even though I was touched by the story I couldn’t resolve myself to sell this 7 inch that I loved, whatever the price, whoever the person… After a long negotiation, we met halfway and I recorded the 7inch on a CD that I offered to the singer’s daughter.

What’s the main music genre of your shop?
French music from the 60s, French songs, yé-yé, rock music, and so on… I sell original records, rare records and some mainstream music at a very low price (all my records are displayed with pictures!). I also sell a lot of garage rock music on new records mostly.

What about you, what’s your favorite music?
Today, I listen to all kinds of music: a lot of OS, Jazz music and even classical music. But my heart goes to French music and garage music from the 60s. I still listen to the music of my 20s: punk rock music.

How long have you been selling on CDandLP?
Since April 2017

How did you get to know us?
I’ve known you since the beginning, but you came to me once, in 2017, during a record fair in Lyon. Your kindness and attention convinced me and I joined the marketplace. I’m being honest and sincere, really.

What do you like best about our marketplace?
The website is rather clear, the layout is simple and efficient. The automatic YouTube link is a real asset (even if it sometimes doesn’t work properly and takes you to some completely different video…) And of course your assistance and help. I met your team several times; it makes the marketplace more human.

What was your very first vinyl record?
I don’t remember very well, I was a kid, probably a record that my parents offered me from the supermarket in the 70s. Abba, Boney M, the Rubettes or Michel Sardou? These are the records that I remember.
But what I remember vividly is the first time when I entered a record shop, all by myself, to buy a record with my own pocket money: it was the 1st album of Starshooter, in 1978 in Pontoise, a Parisian suburb. At that time, there were record shops in all French cities and towns.

What is the most bizarre record in your inventory?
Bizarre I’m not sure, but certainly the best item (according to my taste, and it is not the most expensive record in my catalogue) is the EP by Pierre, Paul ou Jacques, an obscure French gem from the 60s, dumb and crazy, as I love them.

What are your 3 favorite items in your inventory?
La Chica Yé-yé, because it was made by my label. Even if the music may not be very original, I enjoyed working for the publishing of the record; the group is very positive, enthusiastic and friendly, which adds up to the pleasure.

Les chemins de Katmandou, an OS by Serge Gainsbourg recorded in 1970 and unearthed for the first time. Splendid work.

Patrick Loubie, another now unknown and forgotten French singer from the 60s. A jaded and cynical artist as I love them.

The record that you are so proud of, or that you value the most:
So hard to reply… Well I’d say the Homards Violets (le sadique). A very rare EP issued in 1967 by a local label from Lyon (JBP); it took me 25 years to get it and it cost me an arm and a leg. But it is exactly the kind of stuff that I love, some French psyche garage music, badly conceived but so unique.

Can you confess your guilty song?
Ah ah, I am at ease with myself, when you reach my age, you have nothing to hide! I have a fondness for the 7inch by the Rubettes (Juke box jive) that I would play over and over on my parents’ turntable when I was 10. I must confess that it is not musically very impressive (and not rare at all, there must be thousands for sale on CD&LP), but I still like it and I even dare playing it when I mix as a DJ in Lyon.

"FORTY YEARS AFTER" ou "Les débuts de la musique-morte (ou musique-dure) au service des pauvres (sur un plan financier)". Excellent. Beaucoup de vieux souvenirs m'ont traversé à la lecture de cette interview. Bah, moi, c'était le théâtre, mon truc, à l'époque... Mais j'avais de bons potes qui me faisaient écouter des choses bizarres que j'aimais bien. Salut à toi, Sasham.!!
belle experience de partage .bravo a vous . c est pas facile de se devoiler .et vous le faites sans tabou .bravo pour votre com .bonne continuation clt
Merci à vous pour ces commentaires sympathiques :)
Heureux de te connaître un peu mieux, Sasham! ITW très agréable à lire, anecdotes sympathiques, malgré l'absence de références à la musique jamaïcaine et celles aux crêtus plus qu'aux rasés! ;)
Merci Sasham pour cette belle interview.
J’ai adoré. Merci pour tous vos souvenirs ! Suis même allé ouvrir quelques vieux cartons pour en ressortir des bizarries... pas forcément au goût de tous à la maison !! (Du coup, j’ai laissé les cartons de Free Jazz de côté : ils attendront que... tout le monde dorme !!)
Je me serais bien teint les cheveux mais... j’ai ce point commun capillaire avec vous...!!!
Haaaa, un pogo. On danse ?
Merci m’sieur ! Tiens, je vais me mettre Néry, là maintenant ;)
Bravo et chapeau ! Sillonnez bien !

Bravo ! quel plaisir de voir des vrais passionnés comme toi

Excellente rencontre par le biais de cette interview. Je pense que bon nombre de passionnés de musique et de disques se reconnaitront à travers toutes vos anecdotes bien sympathiques.
Il est vrai que London en 1979 ça valait le coup ! en quantité de Vinyls, Gigs, Clubs, Markets, Fashion Designers, des talents à gogo et une effervescence palpable !...
merci à tous. C'est vrai que je suis passionné, trop peut-être, même !!! :)


J’ai lu attentivement cet interview. Moi aussi j’étais passionné par les chanteurs Français et Italiens dans les années 60 où on ne trouvait que les vinyles de 7 inch.
Grâce à ce blog, je découvre beaucoup de personnes qui ont aussi une vie très riche en musique et cela me rend très heureux.
Merci aussi à CDandLP de votre travail quotidien et de me faire découvrir cette communauté.
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