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Let’s reveal the mystery!

What did you think of this game? Funny wasn't it?
And less difficult than the blind test: this time we got our winners!

Easy for us, we picked in our personal collection. We excluded the easiest covers like Nevermind but we couldn't resist in offering you Thriller, a piece of cake for everyone!

For those who had not found all the results:

A nice imagery cover from Tommy Stewart with his famous Bump and Hustle Music.

Gwen McCrae in a magnificent red dress was hiding behind the pieces of the second jigsaw puzzle.

The third cover was quickly discovered. Thriller Michael Jackson: an album which has to be in everyone's collection.

The last one may have been the less obvious? Ray Barretto with his album Hard Hands.

A huge Thank You for your participation and your comments.

Congratulations to our 4 winners and especially the quickest one who replied on Sunday!

We had fun organising these games for our 15th anniversary. Did you have fun too?
Qui a gagné au final ?
Comme prévu 4 gagnants!
Le tirage au sort vient de les désigner.
Un mail vient de leur être envoyé et nous avons crédité leur compte d'un montant de 30€ à utiliser lors de prochains achats.

Encore merci d'avoir participer et bravo à tous :)

Original & distrayant !
A very enjoyable game I liked it very much .........Thank you, respectful
Très sympa ce jeu, il a fallu se creuser le citron... ;)
oui super, j'espère qu'il y en aura d'autres !
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