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True or false

CdandLP is a French company - TRUE
Indeed, CdandLP, is a French site, despite a name that can sound otherwise (the aim was to sound international). We were the first ones in France to start in this field of record lovers, in the beginning of the years 2000. Read more about us here.

We exclusively propose French rock and pop music - FALSE
We display 10 categories divided into several sub-categories so that all music genres are represented. From garage rock to funk music, through trance music, you will also find classical music. Back from the 19th century till nowadays, you’ll find the gem you are looking for within the 15 million references we display.


CDandLP has started recently - FALSE
We’ve been online since 2001. Find the whole story here.

Cyborgs reply with automated messages - FALSE
We have a receptive multilingual customer service made of human beings! You may reach us by email messages, telephone, and chat via the website. To attend buyers and sellers from every corner of the planet we answer you in French, English, Spanish and German. In addition, because we have a big part of our clientele who is located in Japan, Masumi replies to all Japanese questions and demands. We deal with all requests via our messaging board, with personalized messages.


We drink champagne with the transactions money - FALSE
We make sure transactions between buyers and sellers go smoothly. For this, we wait for buyers to acknowledge receipt of the order before validating the transaction. We also make the necessary verifications on buyers profile before accepting a transaction. In between, the money isn’t transferred to an off-shore bank account… We do not capitalize on the money; we do not make profit from it. This business model has been set up to ensure the sellers payment and the receipt of the goods by buyers.


CdandLP members are exclusively French - FALSE
CdandLP’s community (buyers and sellers) is international and spread all over 100 countries. This is the reason why you’ll find so many catalogues and such a wide range of products in the results of your search.


We are sellers - FALSE
We are middlemen, a go-between buyers and sellers. We do our best to ensure all members satisfaction. Sadly, we cannot be held responsible for delays in deliveries or package condition at the delivery time.

Records prices are fair - TRUE
Sometimes we hear that at CdandLP records are too expensive or under priced. Sellers set up prices. They are fair in their opinion. For your information, find a link towards our pricing guide here. Some sellers propose to negotiate their items price via the « make an offer » option. You may get a better price for a lot of items displayed on the website.


Online business has killed record fairs and dealers - FALSE
On the opposite, online business is an alternative to record fairs and additional revenue for record dealers. For 15 years we’ve been offering another way of digging, in addition to traditional record fairs that we love to attend on a regular basis. Our marketplace has been a tremendous way for record dealers to open their shop to the whole world. It is a good opportunity, a great luck for everyone to finally find some record at the other end of the globe. There has been no intention of erasing record fairs and dealers.

Our business model is useless - FALSE
Placing ourselves between the buyer and the seller ensures that transactions go smoothly between the two parties. We minimize disappointment risks. As a go-between, we remain fair to both parties when we deal with claims. It is part of our fundamentals and it is the reason why you trust us.

We have no application - TRUE
For the time being, the website does not propose any application. On the other hand, we offer a mobile version of the site, available on your phone or your tablet, with the same features as your computer version. We may come up with an application in the future. We work on the improvement of the website, on a daily basis, and remain attentive to your remarks. We will take your comments into account for a potential application.


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Page épatante. J'ajoute que ce site est de loin le meilleur de tous, le plus intelligemment conçu et le plus convivial : ici, on communique aisément et cela fait toute la différence. Il faut aussi saluer l'équipe, qui se démène pour assurer la visibilité du site. Rien à redire.
Comparer Discogs et cdandlp est une erreur, 2 sites très différent, l'un avec une base de données et l'autre pas, ils sont complémentaires. Raconté que les notes sont truqués sur Discogs est de l'idiotie, disons de l'amateurisme, pourquoi les vendeurs seraient notés n'importe comment sur Discogs et pas sur cdandlp??? ah oui je sait, ici ne traine que les PRO......enfin....les 2 sont sympa pour moi mais le manque d'objectivité de certain me laisse sur le cul
c est le top du top au niveau des ventes. Beaucoup parlent discogs alors que certes discogs a un catalogue pointu sur toutes les productions mais concernant les notes attribuées aux vendeurs c est du grand n importe quoi
Tout ça pour attirer plus de monde. Les notes des vendeurs sur cdlp sont justes et le reflet de la réalité
J ai tous essayé depuis 19 ans. cdlp the must . jean marc vincent
Excellente mise au point concernant votre site ..
De temps en temps il est bon de mettre les points sur les i et les barres aux t ..
Bonne continuation et longue route ..
Amitiés ..
Jacques ..

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