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Valentine’s Day: our playlist!

February 14: a date to remember. Impossible to avoid, everyone talks about it. What’s the story behind it?

Saint Valentine’s day originates from several tales, one of which dates from the Roman Emperor Claudius II. The latter decided to forbid soldiers to get married, so that they focus on war instead of women. At that time, a catholic priest under the name of Valentine started to perform secret weddings. Imprisoned in year 260 and executed shortly after, he became a symbol of romance and love.
In 1496, Valentine was officially recognized as lovers’ patron saint and the celebration became popular all around the world.

In France, they started celebrating lovers’ day at the end of the 19th century, and even if a lot of people will argue that it is merely a commercial pretext, it is still a tradition to offer a rose or a treat to one’s spouse. Each country has its own traditions: in Japan, it is women who offer chocolates to their male companions. In Brazil, they celebrate the date on June 12, known as the « Dia dos Namorados ». In Spain, every April 23, the Cataluna region celebrates Sant Jordi day (Saint Georges’ day), Saint of the region since 1904. On this occasion, men are supposed to offer roses and, in return, women offer books to their partners!

After that brief summary regarding the origin of St Valentine’s Day, discover our hot & spicy playlist to listen to and dance on, whether you are single or not!

On Youtube

Or spotify

Et en 15, Esbjörn Svensson Trio, The Face Of Love... ça, c'est pour les romantiques ;)

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