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How to sell on

Whatever the number of records you wish to list; enables you to display your items to music lovers
from all over the world, for FREE, in a few clicks...

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Why do 5,000 sellers enjoy selling on

Because it is userfriendly, but not only...


"...We have really enjoyed the ability to reach a different market than that available through the other portals. The communication---and the site's ability to handle language translation issues---is excellent...."
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chad hines, musicmekka (USA), 5250 sales

"...The site is so trustworthy that I don’t even think of trying to deal with buyers directly...."
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philippe renaud, prenaud (France), 13909 sales

"...It was very easy to figure out how to use the site at the beginning. I also had a super-easy time adding photos to It is easy to load inventory thanks to a very intuitive system you have on your site...."
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john kass, gojohnnygo (USA), 2490 sales

"Selling on CD and LP is easy and hassle-free, the site is easy to navigate and the admin staff are friendly and helpful, responding to queries immediately! Very highly recommended!"
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debbie smith, intoxicastore (United Kingdom), 2122 sales

"...We appreciate that the members of the team are always available, friendly and not anonymous...."
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jacques piperel, golfdrouot73 (France), 6879 sales

"...The user interface is very simple and well managed; customer service is impeccable and account management second to none! It is a pleasure to sell with them and we hope to continue to do so as long as we are in business!"
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gary dennis, crazybeat1 (United Kingdom), 24598 sales

"We have been selling on CDandLP for a few months now, and are wondering why it took us so long to start! We received an order our first day, and have been very happy with the amount of orders since...."
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john turton, audiophileusa (USA), 3377 sales
1 click listing
List your item in 1 click, with the function «sell your own» displayed on all item pages.
5 minute upload
List your entire inventory in a few clicks; it's active instantly. Click here for more information.
What can I sell?
List any music-related item you wish to sell.
Free audio clips
Add an audio clip or a complete tracklist to your item for free, very simply.
Free photos
Add up to 3 photographs to your item for free, very simply.
Decide on your selling prices, adjust and discount them freely.
Instant notification
Get notified when you receive an order and when you can dispatch it.
Easy Management
Your item sold on the site is auto deactivated. You can manage your stock in a few clicks from your seller's account.
My sales
Receive the payment of your sales once or twice a month on your bank or Paypal account.
Shipping methods
Select your shipping methods, set your own prices or use our pre-registered ones.
Away for a couple of days?
Turn off your inventory (keep it visible or not) as long as you're away.
Easy Communication
Answer your buyer's questions, offer them a coupon... and keep in touch with them.
Your Shop
Customize your shop thanks to various options provided.
Online purse
Use the balance of your sales on purchases from It's the quickest and most convenient payment method.
We offer you an optimized referencing of your items on Google.
1. List your items. It's free!
- New seller: create your account and set your seller's information. Free registration and listing.
- List your items one by one from your account with the link «Add an item» or click on the button «sell your own» displayed on all item pages.
- List your entire inventory in a few clicks thanks to our automated upload. Click here for more information.
- Customize your shop, your home page, choose your mailing methods, and set your own shipping fees.

2. One buyer places an order from your shop. CDandLP cashes the payment for you.
- You are notified when you receive an order: go to your seller's account and confirm the availability.
- We act as a third part between buyers and sellers. We take care of cashing payments. Thus, we guarantee you against fraud, bad or poor payments.
- You are notified when the order was cashed.

3. Dispatch the order when you get the «green light» from CDandLP.
- After we cashed the order, we confirm you by email that you can dispatch the order.
- Pack your items and ship them according to the mailing method the buyer chose.
- Go to your seller's account, confirm the shipment date and if possible the tracking number. Your buyer will be informed.
- When receiving the order, the buyer will confirm the receipt date in his account. Your balance will be credited with the amount of the order.

4. CDandLP forwards you the balance of your sales.
- Once or twice a month (choose the frequency), CDandLP forwards you the payment of your sales by bank or Paypal transfer. You can choose to keep the balance of your sales in your online purse for future purchases on the site.
- You pay a digressive commission calculated on the amount of the order, deducted from your payments.
Balance of your account
The balance of your account is the statement showing the list of all the sales credited to you and the commissions debited by The payment of your sales corresponds to the payment of this balance.
Payment frequency
Choose your payment frequency, once or twice a month. Set your payment threshold. If you wish, you can keep the balance of your sales in your online purse for future purchases on the site.
Payment method
We forward you the balance of your sales by bank transfer. Enter your bank details in your seller's account. The transfer will be free of charge if you belong to one of the 32 countries from SEPA.
We cash orders and forward your payments in Euros only. Though, you can set your prices in the currency of your choice, we convert the amount of each order instantly to avoid any variation in the exchange rate.
Listing your items is absolutely FREE. You can list as many items as you want ; it's FREE!
Commission on sales
You only pay a commission on finalized sales. Our sales commission is digressive, calculated on the total amount of the order ; from 12,5% excl. VAT (15% incl. VAT) down to 0,8% excl. VAT (1% incl. VAT). Click here for more information.
Featuring your items
You can highlight some of your items and your inventory on our homepage. Inserting one item in our featured list will cost you 1,5 euros for one month display. It's free to highlight your entire inventory : just add at least 30 new items within a period of 7 days.
Commissions are charged at the time of your sales payments. They are deducted at source on the amount of the transaction.
Sales payment
For payment by bank transfer, it's free of charge if you belong to one of the 32 countries of the SEPA. Otherwise, costs will be at your charge. They are set by your bank. For payments by Paypal transfer, we charge you a total rate of 2 euros.

Pricing guide for LP and 7 inch records