Record Grading :

Each entry indicates reference number, speed (LP/45), Artist, Title, Label, Label #, Condition, comments and price. All prices are in US dollars. Unless noted, every record is an original issue for the label and catalog number given.

Here.s a brief explanation of my grading system, followed by an overview of abbreviations you will encounter...

SS Still Sealed - in factory-fresh condition

M Mint - I don't use this grade.

M- Mint Minus - a near perfect, probably unplayed record

VG+ Very Good Plus . close to like new with only superficial signs of use that don.t affect play. Only well cared for records will grade out to VG+. Will satisfy all but the most demanding collector.

VG Very Good - a used, reasonable copy. There will be obvious signs of wear and the possibility of light surface noise between tracks or during quiet passages, but still quite nice.

VG- Very Good Minus - significant wear and marks and usually quite noticeable surface noise.

G+ Good Plus. In the record world, 'Good' is not good! From here on down (Fair, Poor), we're talking about beat-up records.


co = drill hole in label or jacket (or saw mark/cut corner on cover)

cw = cover wear

dj = promotional issue 45

djt = dj timing strip (12" x 4" white sticker on cover detailing titles and playing time)

es = electric stereo (the record industry.s sorry attempt at giving stereo-like sound characteristics to mono recordings)

lbl = label

ps = picture sleeve (for 45's)

pc = picture cover (hard cover . usually 45rpm Eps)

re = reissue

sl = slight

sm= small

tobc = tag on back cover

tol = tag on label

wlp = white label promo

woc = writing on cover

wol = writing on label

#ol = number on label

oc = on cover

obc = on back cover

promo stamp=usually gold embossed notice on jacket indicating that item intended for promotional use

split seams, 4" split, 8" taped seam, etc... = all refer to cover damage

all these comments have no bearing on the disc itself, but only refer to the cover or label.