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orak naa naa  -  Stranger in the home country

12.00 €
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  • Format : CD

  • Etat général : original neuf
  • Etat pochette : S (?)
  • Etat disque : S (?)

  • Label : bibiafrica
  • Année : 2005
  • Commentaire : World Discoveries (USA) about this record: Orak Naa Naa features Abdel-Illahjim ... Voir plus bas

  • Quantité disponible : 1
Commentaire du vendeur :
World Discoveries (USA) about this record: Orak Naa Naa features Abdel-Illahjim on oud and vocal with Peter Horcher on piano and percussion: the cd cover subtitles the recording as oud and piano, but Abdel (originally from Morocco) is heard singing throughout on ORAK NAA NAA, and only occasionally does his oud playing reach the listener. Their music is a fusion of various styles, with jazz predominating. Peter Horcher is a well-rounded pianist who obviously has a sense of humor (he throws a boogie woogie solo right in the middle of a jazzy workout): in this way he reminds me of Fats Waller, but is working with a broader palette: some rock piano reminiscent of Leon Russell can also be heard. The vocals and liner notes are in a language I assume is either Arabic or Amazigh (the language of the Berber people): sometimes it sounds like German. Listeners expecting some familiar Middle Eastern sounds like belly dance or rai may be disappointed, but ORAK NAA NAA is a fun recording and a lot less pretentious than many jazz recordings: it's a recommended pick and stands out from the crowd.

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