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True or false

CdandLP is a French company - TRUE Indeed, CdandLP, is a French site, despite a name that can sound otherwise (the aim was to sound international). We were the first ones in France to s [...]

« I like the idea that somebody far away enjoys my music... »

Let’s discover Cafe-Disc and his love for world music, his stories and favorite songs. Today we share this exclusive interview with you. Can you introduce yourself, what is your job in [...]

CDandLP's team: first vinyl records and guilty songs

Now that you know more about CDandLP's History, let's introduce you to the team members. Here are the faces of the people who work to satisfy music lovers and to make sure the site works wel [...]

« A trip to London changed my life, I was 16 back then and the Punk movement blew me away »

Sasham opens up and tells us all about his favourite tracks and musical background. He replies to our questions very sincerely and we discover a passionate seller. Tell us more abo [...]

To know more about us

Two friends, Xavier and Steven, both crazy about black music and vinyl records, used to travel around the world, taking time to visit local record dealers at every stage of their trip. A cra [...]

Sleeve Face : participar en el concurso !

CDandLP te propone participar en su famoso concurso del “sleeve face” ! Intenta ganar 50 euros que utilizar en CDandLP . No vacila en usar tu imaginación, esperamos las fotos más origin [...]

« I listen to music that touches my heart, if it doesn't I turn it down »

Para el cuarto año os proponemos una venta especial de Recordsale , un vendedor en CDandLP que nos sigue hace ya 5 años. Disfrutad de su oferta hasta el 18 de Marzo. De regalo este [...]

Día de San Valentín: nuestra playlist!

14 de febrero: una fecha que recordar siempre. Es difícil escapar, tanta comunicación acerca del tema... Entonces, ¿qué es el Día de San Valentín? El día de San Valentín nació de varias  [...]

The playlist of the Advent Calendar

For the first 24 days of this month of December, we have presented you an audio version of the Advent Calendar. Day after day we revealed a surprise. We're now reaching Christmas Day, Decemb [...]
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