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Album of the month (04-2017)

For the blog, we decided to write a monthly post related to our record’s collection. Of course we will go trough different styles to be close to any of your listenings. For the first one, we took it easy and decided to write about a huge classic among the classics : The first album of the Velvet Underground you can find in our collection : 100 essential albums of the 60's . The  [...]

Record Store Day, an event not to be missed.

Record Store Day has now turned into a tradition for collectors and record store owners. Every Record Store Day is now marked with exclusive releases and reissues especially launched for the event. In 2016 for instance, we discovered the album I Go Shout Plenty by Fela Kuti , the OS from Requiem for a Dream by Clint Mansell and the album The Alternate Tusk by Fleetwood Mac . Th [...]

Let’s reveal the mystery!

What did you think of this game? Funny wasn't it? And less difficult than the blind test: this time we got our winners! Easy for us, we picked in our personal collection. We excluded the easiest covers like Nevermind but we couldn't resist in offering you Thriller , a piece of cake for everyone! For those who had not found all the results: A nice imagery cover from Tommy Stewart  [...]

Mystery covers - Game Over

We had promised you surprises, well here is a new one to start the week brilliantly. We have prepared a new kind of game. This time, it will be a jigsaw puzzle . Here are four album covers, more or less famous. We made jigsaw puzzles out of them. Day after day, we will disclose 4 pieces of each puzzle . The image will gradually appear to let you discover the mystery album. The new  [...]

Flashsale and Interview: Recordsale

Let's continue the anniversary month with another surprise. For the 3rd year, we are happy to propose you a Flashsale with Recordsale , a seller at CDandLP since 2013. Only a few days left to dig in and find your gem, our offer ends this Sunday 19th . As a bonus this year, we introduce you to Mathias Gordon, the manager of Recordsale, in a special interview . We'll continue to make yo [...]

CDandLP is turning 15 this year. Let’s celebrate!

The Game: a blind test. First of all we wanted to thank you for your warm feedback on our blog. We knew that posting again on the blog was a good idea but we weren’t expecting such enthusiasm coming from you to hear about us and music, our common passion. We are so happy that you enjoy this idea. We will do our best not to disappoint you. March was not chosen randomly to revive our b [...]

The blog is back

Some of you have been knowing us for a while, indeed, CDandLP was born in 2002. For some others it’s more recent. Although we have a surprise coming up for our 15th birthday. For you and all the new fellows that we are glad to welcome every day, we decided to write again in our blog. The blog was launched in 2009 while we were in Japan. At the time, we wrote about the record stores we  [...]

Warehouse, Shinjuku

Linked to the previous post, Warehouse is the twin brother of Nat Records. To be clear, it is more a “siamese brother” than a twin, as the 2 shops share the same space, separated only by a wall that does not go all the way. So, you feel that you are in “one” shop, except that you have 2 different sets of records (and quite different), 2 different cashiers and, behind all this, 2 different co [...]

Nat Records, Shinjuku

Nat Records is located in one of the back streets of the western part of Shinjuku, on the 2nd floor of a building, and they share their space with Warehouse Records (that we will present in another post) in an interesting concept that we could call '2 shops in 1' ! Nat Records opened up in 1994. It was created by Taku and Ita, 2 heavy metal music fans who decided to specialize in anything  [...]

Barn homes records, Shinjuku

Barn Homes Records is a neat little shop on the second floor of a building on a rather busy street in Shinjuku and it has a very interesting characteristic for us : it is NOT mentioned in the Record Map (unusual enough to be noted...) We found this place by walking around the neighborhood West of Shinjuku station (where all the interesting record shops are located). Mr. Yoshiwara opened up [...]
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