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    Seller's Guide

    3 steps to start to sell items on CDandLP
    To start selling on CDandLP, three steps are necessary:
    1. Create a user account then a seller's account.
    2. Define your mode of operation for shipping fees.
    3. List your items.
    1 - Create your seller's account / Open your shop.
    Create a seller's account and open a shop on CDandLP for free.

    To create a seller's account (if you already have a member's account, go to step 2):
    1. Click the create an account link on top of the page. Complete the form by choosing a login that matches your shopname, a confidential password and email address you check regularly.
    2. Once your account is created, click on My account > My Profile > Start to sell.
    3. You will first need to enter your personal profile or the person in charge of your company (name, mailing address, telephone number) and validate.
    4. You will then need to fill in your seller's profile by filling out the forms carefully:
    - Seller's Information.
    - Payment of your sales.
    - Currency used for your catalogue.
    2 - Define your shipping fees
    On CDandLP, the shipping fees are defined in advance (before buyers place orders). This system allows you to avoid having to calculate these fees at each availability confirmation of the order.

    You can choose between one of the two modes of operation. You access these choices by going to your account My account > My Store > Shipping fees.

    MODE 1 - Automatic
    Our sellers mostly use this mode. When you create your seller account, CDandLP automatically sets shipping methods and shipping fees depending on your country of origin.

    MODE 2 - Manual (only available for sellers outside France)
    You can set up your own shipping methods and shipping fees.
    STEP 1 - Specify:
    - the currency for your shipping fees (yen, dollars, euros, pounds)
    - settings for geographical areas
    - your shipping methods based on CDandLP standards. For instance: Economy = surface mail, Priority = airmail, Registered = registered airmail, Express = UPS
    - your preferences for free shipping on large orders.
    Then confirm by clicking Apply Changes at the bottom of the page.
    STEP 2 - Verify, validate and modify your own shipping grid for each shipping method that you have defined.
    STEP 3 - Set up packing cost (optional). Click on the link on the top menu of the page.

    Tip: Use the simulator tool (top menu on page) to check your shipping rates by medias and quantity of items.

    There may be some slight variations which depend on the items and your packing.
    You can request an adjustment of the shipping fees directly to the buyer on the availability confirmation page, in My account > My sales > Orders to confirm.

    To avoid such requests, it is important that you select the automatic calculation system that best suits your needs.
    3 - List your items for sale
    3.1 - Add items one by one
    In your account My account > My Catalogue > Add an item. List your items via our selling form.

    Save time! List your items using our function "sell your own" and complete our selling form, pre-filled with basic information (artist, title, genre, media, etc...):
    - on every item page, under the description of the item, click on the button "sell a similar item".
    - on every research page, under the shopping cart button, click on the button "sell".

    You can update information from our pre-filled form.
    3.2 - Upload a csv/txt file
    You can add multiple items at once in your shop if you already have a computerised list of your catalogue on a document such as Excel, txt or csv.
    Use the Upload a csv/txt file function in your account My account > My Catalogue > Upload a csv/txt file. Then follow the instructions.

    Tip: When listing your items, give as much information as you can about them (artist, title, year, format, description, picture) to increase your chances of selling. Think of adding comments to your items to foster sales, to avoid customers' claims and to improve your feedbacks.
    3.3 - How to describe items (pictures, grading, description ...)
    To increase your sales, it is important to give as much information about your items as you can.

    In order to display the most qualitative catalogue, in accordance with the expectations of CDandLP’s buyers, it is now compulsory for each new seller to list all the following information:
    -Music Category
    -Condition of the record and the cover
    -Pressing Year
    -Pressing Number
    -Add at least one photo of the item. You may add up to 3 photos.

    Determine the grading of your item according to the nomenclature proposed by CDandLP.
    This classification is based on the international standard Goldmine and Record Collector Grading Systems.

    Add free comments on your items, as well as the tracklisting, comments on the track or on the album.

    Well-described items are less prone to claims. Well-informed buyers will leave a better feedback and it will improve your performances. Complete descriptions make your catalogue attractive and help your sales.
    3.4 - Define the selling price
    Sellers freely determine their selling prices. However, we recommend that you base your prices on market prices and that you bring them into line with those of other sellers to stay competitive. The more competitive your prices are the more chances you have to increase your sales.

    [!] PLEASE NOTE: Your prices mustn't include shipping costs which are added separately.

    Tool: click on "help me to choose the best price" on the sell form. CDandLP provides you with an average sales price calculated on sales history of the same item.

    Tip: You can apply discounts on items of your choice from the menu in your account My account > My catalogue > Update inventory.
    3.5 - Issue coupons to your customers
    Please note: to issue a coupon, your balance must be positive.

    Go to your account > My Sales > Coupon codes
    4 - Customize your shop
    4.1 - Define your selling preferences
    Sellers can easily define and update their account information at any time in My account > My Shop > Preferences as a seller.

    Three forms are available:
    1 - Seller's Information
    Define your seller’s status (professional or private) and enter your details like your address, the name of your shop.

    2 - Payment of your sales
    Set up your payment threshold (amount that your balance must reach for our system to forward your sales). Enter your Bank account details (IBAN BIC) or your PayPal address if you’re not inside the SEPA zone (Single Euro Payments Area).

    3 - Currency of your items
    Select the currency of the items you're selling.
    4.2 - Customization of your shop
    CDandLP provides each seller with tools for the presentation of your shop in the menu My account > My Shop > Customize My shop.
    Using these tools can give your shop a better image, in order to reassure buyers and increase your chances of selling.

    You can add:
    - A welcome message where you introduce your store, your catalogue, your specialty, your promotions.
    - Your logo.

    In menu My account > My Shop > Showcase, select pictures of the items you want to highlight. It will give more visibility to the selected items. Don’t forget to update your showcase to animate your shop. This feature is free of charge.
    5 - Sales Management
    5.1 - Questions from buyers
    We provide a messaging board to facilitate deals.
    We strongly recommend that you reply to buyers' inquiries in order to boost your sales. When a buyer asks a question, the seller is informed by e-mail and is able to check all the questions in My account > My Mailbox > Questions about my items.
    The buyer receives e-mail when you post your answer.

    Legal use:
    Please note that the purpose of the messaging board is to get details on the item itself.
    By using this service the seller shall NOT:
    - propose nor accept direct purchase
    - be aggressive or insulting
    - communicate his/her personal address
    - give wrong information
    - make the promotion of other Internet sites
    - haggle over the price or the conditions

    [!] IMPORTANT:
    The more accurate your answers are, the more likely you are to sell your items and get a positive feedback.
    5.2 - Confirm availability
    Once a buyer places an order on your items, CDandLP notifies you by email.
    Confirm availability of the order as soon as possible.
    Here are the steps:
    1. Click on the link provided in email your have received.
    2. Enter your username and password to login. You are logged in your account in the menu My account > My Sales > Orders to confirm.
    3. Click on the related order number. You access the summary of the order.
    4. Confirm the availability of each item.
    5. Submit.

    We strongly recommend that you confirm your order on the same day or maximum within 3 days after the buyer has placed it. You have, however, 10 days to confirm the availability of the items.

    At CDandLP we are very demanding regarding your fill rate. Should you cancel several orders in a row because your inventory is not up-to date, we reserve the right to temporarily deactivate it. You will have to update your inventory before we activate your shop again. Please understand that cancelling orders is negative for your turnover but also for the image of the platform in general.

    [!] PLEASE NOTE :
    - Do not ship the order prior to receiving authorization from CDandLP.
    Indeed, CDandLP must first confirm the cashing of the buyer's payment. Deadlines are different depending on the payment method used (Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer, IPMO). We always do our best to accelerate the cashing process.
    - If you don't confirm items availability within 7 days from the date of the order, your catalogue will be deactivated.
    - Without any response from the seller after 10 days, the sale will be automatically cancelled. Furthermore, the seller's catalogue will be automatically deactivated.

    If you mistakenly confirmed the availability of an order:
    In the detail of the order, click on the button OTHER ACTIONS from > My account > My sales Orders awaiting cashing.

    [!] PLEASE NOTE: we ask you to be very careful when you confirm an order; make sure items are really available. We remind you that if you mistakenly confirm the availability and that we need to refund the buyer, the commission will still be due and deducted from your balance.

    If you’ve had a pending order awaiting cashing for a while:
    Some payments take longer to reach than others. Whereas it is very quick with credit card, paypal or bank transfer, it may take more time with check, cash, postal order.
    Every day, we automatically remind the buyers to send their payment until they confirm that they sent it. Another reason for the waiting time could be that we are waiting for all the sellers involved in the same transaction to confirm the availability of their orders before starting the cashing process.

    [!] PLEASE NOTE: we ask you to reserve the order for 1 month at least.

    If you have a concern about the shipping/billing information of an order:
    In the detail of the order, click on the button OTHER ACTIONS from > My account > My sales Orders to ship
    5.3 - Ship items and confirm shipping
    When CDandLP has collected the payment from the buyer, the procedure is as follows:
    1. You receive an email authorization to ship the order.
    2. Login to your account My account > My Sales > Orders to ship. On this page, check the delivery address and the shipping method selected by the buyer in order to prepare the package.
    3. Once you have mailed your parcel, on the same page, confirm the shipping date of the order. Enter the date of dispatch at the bottom of the form. The buyer will receive an email confirmation of your shipment.

    [!] PLEASE NOTE:
    - Sellers are responsible for their shipments. They must use the shipping method requested by the buyer.
    - Remember to confirm the shipment date.

    If the parcel was returned to you:
    In the detail of the order, click on the button OTHER ACTIONS from > My account > My sales Orders in transit
    5.4 - Pack your items
    Sellers are responsible for the shipping of their packages. Make sure you pack your item in the safest way so that it travels without damage until it reaches the buyer.
    Therefore, we recommend that you
    - use bubble paper, cardboard or solid envelope to avoid impacts or breakage.
    - never write about the content of the parcel to avoid robbery.
    - use strong scotch tape to avoid any attempt of opening before the arrival to the buyer.

    PLEASE NOTE: For orders shipped via Mondial Relay, please make sure your parcels do not exceed the weight indicated by our system, at the time of the shipping authorization. We will charge you back if the invoice by Mondial Relay is higher than what we charged the buyer.
    5.5 - Order's receipt by the buyer
    Buyers’ confirmation is important. With this confirmation CDandLP credits the sale into your balance.

    Two options for an order to be confirmed as ‘received’:

    1. Manual confirmation by the buyer.
    Upon receipt of the package, the buyer confirms the receipt and gives a feedback to the seller.
    The seller receives an automatic e-mail and our system credits the order into the seller’s balance, immediately.

    2. Automatic confirmation by our system.
    Sometimes, buyers forget or don’t know how to confirm the receipt of their order.
    Yet, without any pending claim from the buyer related to the order our system will eventually credit the order into the seller’s balance.
    The waiting time depends on the location of the buyer and the shipping method selected by the buyer.

    For domestic orders:
    - via Economy shipping: 30 full days after the shipping date
    - via Priority, Registered or Express shipping: 23 full days after the shipping date

    For international orders (Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Uruguay excluded):
    - via Economy shipping: 44 full days after the shipping date
    - via Priority, Registered or Express shipping: 30 full days after the shipping date

    For international orders to Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Peru and Uruguay:
    - via Economy shipping: 60 full days after the shipping date
    - via Priority, Registered or Express shipping: 44 full days after the shipping date

    [!] PLEASE NOTE:
    As long as buyers do not confirm the receipt of their order, we send them automatic reminders to have them confirm manually.

    If you are sure that the buyer has received the order, you may contact him/her directly via our messaging service.
    5.6 - Satisfaction mark
    Buyers must give a satisfaction mark to the seller when they confirm the receipt of their order. This mark is intended to evaluate the quality of the seller’s services and to confirm that the order has been received.

    Buyers can choose from 5 marks:
    5 / 5 Very satisfied
    4 / 5 Satisfied
    3 / 5 Somewhat satisfied
    2 / 5 Disappointed
    1 / 5 Very disappointed

    Buyers can also write a free comment at the time they confirm the receipt of their order.

    Buyers should take into account:
    - the conformity of the items description compared to what they received,
    - the swiftness of the seller in confirming and shipping,
    - the quality of the packaging,
    - the respect of the general rules of CDandLP.
    It is very important for sellers to keep a good average of satisfaction marks to increase their sales.

    If you have received an unfair feedback:
    In the detail of the order, click on the button OTHER ACTIONS from > My account > My sales Orders Received
    5.7 - Complaints
    As a seller you are responsible for your catalogue and the delivery of your items.
    Therefore you are committed to provide correct information about the items and their grading.
    You have to take care of the delivery process by respecting the shipping method requested by the buyer, making a strong package and shipping the parcel as soon as you receive our authorization.

    The complaint is put at buyer's disposal to deal with a transaction problem.
    The complaint must be registered on CDandLP via the contact form.
    Thus, we are able to forward the complaint to the seller with our suggestions in order to solve it. If no compromise can be found between you and the buyer, CDandLP helps you to come to a settlement. Claims never go public.

    If you wish to refund a customer, you can process your request from the order detail page in your account.

    The complaints we accept concerning an order are for:
    - Non delivery.
    - Lack of conformity: an item is missing or an item received is not the one ordered by the buyer.
    - Damaged item: an item is damaged or broken.
    - Unreadable item: the item does not function on the buyer’s material or the buyer can not listen to it correctly.

    [!] PLEASE NOTE:
    - CDandLP is not responsible for delivery. In the event of a loss, we suggest you to contact your post office or transport carrier (UPS,DHL, FEDEX ...) directly.
    For orders shipped via Mondial Relay, please note that you have 15 days from the shipping date to open your claim with their services.

    - In the event of a request for return of the item by the seller because of a breakage or non-conformity, the shipping costs for the return are charged to the seller.

    You wish to refund a customer :
    In the detail of the order, click on the button OTHER ACTIONS from > My account > My sales Orders to ship
    6 - Manage your catalogue
    6.1 - Update inventory
    It is very important to update your stocks regularly so that a buyer wouldn't order an unavailable item.
    To help you, we supply automatic functions.
    - CDandLP deactivates the ordered item and reactivates when cancelled.
    - CDandLP reduces the number of availability if you possess several copies. .

    Manual management of your stocks:
    You can update your catalogue in My account > My shop > Update Inventory.
    - If you have sold the item somewhere else.
    - If a buyer cancels an order or if you want to add a new copy of the item.

    [!] PLEASE NOTE:
    A bad running of your stocks will have a negative impact on your seller’s performances. Buyers are informed about your fill rate and pay attention to it before ordering. You must try to improve your fill rate as mush as you can.
    6.2 - Activate/deactivate your catalog
    When you are off on holiday or for some other reasons, if your are not able to make any shipment, you can deactivate your catalogue from your account My account > My shop > Activate/Deactivate. You can also set the date when to be automatically reactivated.
    7 - Sales Payment
    7.1 - Sales commission
    After confirmation of receipt from the buyer (manual or automatic) and without complaint from the buyer, CDandLP credits the account balance of the seller with the order total (item price + shipping*) - CDandLP commission.
    The sales commission is calculated as follows:

    - 12.5% excl. VAT (15% incl. VAT) of the total of the order on the section between 0 and 150 Euros included.
    - 8.4% excl. VAT (10% incl. VAT) of the total of the order on the section between 150.01 and 300 Euros included
    - 4.2% excl. VAT (5% incl. VAT) of the total of the order on the section beyond 300.01 Euros

    * Please note that CDandLP does not charge its commission on postage for orders shipped via Mondial Relay.

    Example (covering all sections):
    For a total of 558 Euros, including for example 10 records for a total of 540 Euros and 18 Euros for shipping, the method of calculation is as follows:

    Calculation of commission excl. VAT:
    (150 x 12,5%) + (150 X 8,4%) + (258 X 4,2%) = 42,19 euros

    Calculation of commission incl. VAT:
    (150 x 15%) + (150 X 10%) + (258 X 5%) = 50,40 euros

    Amount paid to the seller:
    558 - 50,40 = 507,6 euros

    We remind you that at CDandLP, there is no fixed fee.

    [!] PLEASE NOTE:
    If you are a professional seller, belonging to the EU and registered for VAT, please enter a valid VAT number in your seller's preferences so that no tax is charged on your commissions; you will be in charge of declaring and paying taxing to the government of your country.

    Otherwise, we will apply French VAT on your sales commissions and CDandLP will be in charge of declaring and paying taxes to the French government.
    7.2 - Threshold, dates and frequency of payment
    CDandLP sends your payments by Bank transfer or Paypal (Please note that we don't transfer payments via Paypal for sellers belonging to SEPA - Single Euro Payments Area). Set your preferences in your account My account > My Balance > Sales Payment.

    CDandLP forwards you the payment of your sales once or twice a month if the balance is equal or higher than the payment threshold you fixed.

    Payment dates based on working days are:
    - Between the 1st and the 5th of the month.
    - Between the 15th and the 20th of the month.

    The balance is equal to:
    Total of received orders before the payment terms - Sales commission of CDandLP

    You can define payment threshold, payment frequency and payment method in My account > My shop > Preferences as a seller.

    [!] PLEASE NOTE:
    We forward payment only for the sales being confirmed by the buyer.

    If a buyer does not confirm the receipt of an order, we send a reminder every other day during the week prior to the date of automatic receipt to lead him/her to confirm manually. Without any registered complaint from him/her, if the buyer still hasn't confirmed at the automatic receipt date, the sale will be credited to your balance.

    First, please check in your account history if CDandLP did send a payment of sales. If this is indeed the case, please check that the bank details listed in your account My account > My Balance > Sales Payment is correct.
    Please note that for a bank transfer, payment can take 2 to 10 days.

    Some buyers still haven't confirmed the receipt of their parcel?
    In the detail of the order, click on the button OTHER ACTIONS from > My account > My sales Orders in transit

    7.3 - Use my balance to pay for purchase
    You may use your balance to pay for your purchase.

    First, activate the option (via email) on the order form.
    Once the option is activated, when submitting your order, select "payment with my balance" as your payment method.
    Two options:
    - If your balance is higher or equal to your purchase, confirm full payment with your balance.
    - If your balance is lower than your purchase, you will have to select an additional payment method (credit/debit card, bank transfer, Paypal ...) to complete your payment.

    If you made a mistake during the issuing of such a coupon or if you don't want to use a self-issued coupon anymore, please Contact our customer service.
    8 - Sellers' performances
    Statistics give an overview of seller's performance. They are displayed on seller’s shop and on the item pages.

    They include :
    - the number of shipped items,
    - the average time to confirm availability,
    - the average time to ship,
    - the average satisfaction mark,
    - the average fill rate (% of available items).
    8.1 - Number of sold items
    It shows the total number of sold items starting from the 1st sales.
    8.2 - Average time to confirm availability
    It refers to the average time it takes you to confirm availability from the moment when an order is placed.

    Calculation of this indicator is based on the last 3 months of your activity.
    8.3 - Average time to ship
    It refers to the average time you spend between shipment authorisation (after cashing of the payment) and shipping confirmation.

    Calculation of this indicator is based on the last 3 months of your activity.
    8.4 - Satisfaction mark
    This mark is an average calculation of the given marks during the last 3 months of your activity.
    8.5 - Fill rate
    Fill rate is the percentage of ordered items that are confirmed as available.

    Calculation of this indicator is based on the last 3 months of your activity
    8.6 - Performance indicator
    The performance indicator is the synthesis of all the statistics of a seller.

    Therefore this performance indicator calculation is based on :
    - the average time to confirm availability
    - the average time to ship
    - the average satisfaction mark
    - the average fill rate (% of available items)

    Calculation of this indicator is based on the last 3 months of your activity.
    Since performances can vary from one month to another, buyers comments and feedback give a good idea of sellers performances since the beginning of their activity on the website.